GRASSROOTS ACTION ALERT for Civil Rights and Firearms Freedom:

Please make two phone calls today and share this on your social media outlets:

1: Call NYS Senate Majority Leader John Flanigan at (518) 455-2071 and ask him to sponsor the "same as" to NYS Assembly Bill 6805, "The Civil Rights Restoration Act."

2: Call your Assemblyman and ask them to become a Co-Sponsor…especially if he or she is a Democrat.

Let's guarantee and spell out civil rights for all New Yorkers, including Due Process, Equal Protection, and Privacy!

Paloma A. Capanna Attorney & Policy Analyst
633 Lake Road
Webster, New York 14580
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"Freedom does not exist to taunt tyranny. Freedom simply is." Me.

Meeting on 3/21

Capital District SCOPE Annual Meeting & Election of Officers

Tuesday, March 21  7pm  Zaloga Post, 4 Everett Rd. Ext., Albany, NY 12205

Agenda to include:

  • Election for Chairman, Vice Chairman I, Vice Chairman II, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary
  • Informational presentations in local counties on handgun license recertification
  • Update of events at SCOPE state board level
  • Press Release from Attorney Capanna
  • Gun Show at Polish Community Center March 25 & 26

Help needed to send letters to the FBI

NY State is sending misleading information to Federal background check databases

Attorney Paloma A. Capanna is asking for help in a letter writing campaign called “S.O.S FBI”.   Please read Capanna’s letter, it details the abuse of the NICS system gun owner’s and law enforcement rely on to transfer firearms legally.

Attorney Paloma A. Capanna’s FBI Letter

In the letter, Capanna demonstrates how NY state is abusing its position to report people as “involuntary committed” to databases such as NICS, when no such commitment has taken place. These entries recently went from 0 to 463,000.

The attorney is asking New Yorker’s to help her make the FBI aware that the database is incorrect and that New York state is ignoring requests to correct the erroneous information. One can help by adding a letter or phone call of your own to her efforts.

Rensselaer County Legislators still don’t like unSAFE act

At a February meeting of the Rensselaer County Legislature, legislators voted their disapproval of the unSAFE act 10-5. Asking the State to repeal the SAFE act. The legislators also approved a resolution to ask the State to cancel the NY State pistol permit recertification.

The unSAFE is four years old and the Rensselaer County Legislature was amongst the first counties to voice it’s disapproval 4 years ago.

Here is a link to a Troy Record article on the legislatures resolutions

Amendments to NYS Crossbow Laws

Senate Bill S1386/Assembly Bill A00479

From the senate bill:

To clarify that the taking of deer, bear, small game, fish and wild upland game birds by crossbow is akin to the taking of such game by a longbow; removes restrictions related to the maximum peak draw weight and minimum limb width; establishes parity in relation to the minimum distance with which a crossbow could be discharged from an occupied structure consistent with that of a longbow; clarifies use of a crossbow in relation to the hunter safety course be presented as part of the bow hunter education course; and permits the use of a crossbow by youth hunters 12 and 13 years of age.

A link to the senate bill is here and the assembly bill is here

The New York Crossbow Coalition has provided a sample letter to use when contacting your representatives in support of the bill.

Sample Letter to support amendments for Crossbow Hunting

Capital District SCOPE Meeting

Tuesday, February 21 at Zaloga Post 7pm

4 Everett Rd. Ext, Albany 12205

Our meetings are now on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Agenda to include:

  • Report on adopted family
  • Report on Albany gun show
  • Chapter's new website
  • Update of events at SCOPE state board level
  • Discussion of new legislative session
  • Pistol license recertification
  • Election of Officers at March 21st meeting.  Members in good standing are encouraged to run for a seat on the board.
  • Report of nominations committee

Assembly Bill A2260

Assembly Bill A2260 would require all firearms owners in New York State to purchase a liability insurance policy of not less than $250,000. The bill would require a firearms owner to obtain the insurance prior to possession of the firearm, and maintain insurance continuously during ownership of the firearm, or risk the revocation to possess firearms in New York State.

NYS Assembly Bill A2260 would amend insurance law and is currently in assembly committee.

Contact your legislators and tell them no on A2260.

National Pistol Permit Reciprocity

H.R. 38 To amend title 18, United States Code, to provide a means by which nonresidents of a State whose residents may carry concealed firearms may also do so in the State.

What does H.R. 38 actually do

The full text of the bill is available here H.R. 38. The bill is iintended to make concealed carry permits/licenses usable across state boundaries. If you are fortunate enough to have a pistol permit/concealed carry permit then you are aware that knowing where your permit is valid can be difficult. Entire web sites are dedicated to informing permit holders where it is valid

Some highlights from the bill

It does not establish a federal permit, it relies on existing state permits.

H.R. 38 does not create a federal pistol permit system. The only valid permits are those issued by the states or localities. According to the bill, if a state or locality issues a permit then it must accept as valid another state’s issued permit.

It treats all permits that allow concealed carry as equal

H.R. 38 has no text describing the requirements of a concealed carry permit. It relies on each state’s permit process to determine if someone is eligible.

It does not pre-empt existing state restrictions on where permits are valid

H.R. 38 does not remove a state’s or locality’s ability to restrict where permits are valid. H.R. 38 only gives the permit holder the same abilities as the localities permit holder.

Capital District SCOPE Legislators that support H.R. 38

The bill is being sponsored by 3 congressional representatives with in Capital District SCOPE’s region. John Faso(R) 19, Elise Stefanik(R) 21, Claudia Tenney(R) 22 are listed as co-sponsors on the bill.

Contact your legislators to tell them what you think.

H.R. 38 status

The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 or H.R. 38 has been referred to House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations.