Now They Want to Take Away Your NY Compliant AR-15’s Also.

Credit to Gun Politics of NY who spotted this.

It happened in Massachusetts, when fool Attorney General Maura Healy “reinterpreted” their 20 year old “Assault Weapon” (Modern Firearm) law so that current Massachusetts compliant AR-15’s can no longer be purchased and are longer considered compliant. Although currently owned Massachusetts AR’s are grandfathered, I’m sure its only a matter of time before some other political fool tries to confiscate them.

Fools are at it again. It’s an official resolution from New York City that pertains to all of New York State, not just the city. In NEW YORK CITY, fool NYC Councilman Fernando Cabrera introduced a city resolution that says modifying an AR-15 to make it New York State compliant is an effort to SKIRT THE NYS SAFE ACT LAW and New York State should close the “statutory loophole” that allows compliant rifles to exist by modifying standard configuration AR-15s. And the resolution states… the state will be a safer place when any modification to an AR-15 is made illegal. Resolved, That the Council of the City of New York calls on the New York State Legislature to introduce and pass and for the Governor to sign legislation making it illegal to remodify an AR-15 firearm.

So there you go. Now they are taking baby steps toward taking away your compliant ARs also. The anti-gun fools in NYC are petitioning the rest of New York to ban NY compliant AR-15s. It may not be this year, or next year, but what do you think their next step will be…….And now we see the slippery slope we are all perched upon.

This will go nowhere….., but is is a trial balloon, or a planted seed, designed to take away your rights. Check it out here: Res 1044-2019

Albany Firm Now Shipping Biometric Gun Holsters

I think this is the RPI student that invented the holster about a year ago…..

From WAMC via Gun Politics of NY:

A Capital Region startup focused on firearm safety has begun shipping a one-of-a-kind locking gun holster.

Latham, New York-based Vara Safety expects to ship thousands of locally assembled advanced holster safes that employ strategically placed biometrics to properly secure any handgun, yet allow immediate release.

Vara Founder and CEO Timmy Oh says the devices are on the cutting edge of gun safety technology “that allows people to have both personal protection and effective gun safety, mainly because currently those two values are mutually exclusive.” The holsters are manufactured in Rochester.

Vara touts support from organizations including the Center for Economic Growth. Here’s a link to the company website.

A Rensselaer County Man Was Charged Under the Red Flag Law for a Flippant Remark in a Court Parking Lot About How it Would be easier to Kill Himself than to Deal with New York State Laws. All His Guns Were Seized Under the Red Flag Law.

A Rensselaer County man, working in New Lebanon, fired an unregistered H & K 9mm handgun across a field in the vicinity of a parked pickup truck. State Police stated the man fired at the pickup truck, however, it has not been verified that the man intentionally fired at the truck. The bullet went through the truck body and landed in the bed of the truck.

The truck owner contacted the police when he discovered a bullet hole in his truck. State police investigators identified the shooter and he was arrested for felony criminal possession of a weapon and two misdemeanors — reckless endangerment and criminal mischief.

After the man was arraigned at Court, his spouse says he made a flippant comment in the parking lot about how it would be easier to kill himself than deal with New York State laws. She says the comment was taken out of context, and he wasn’t remotely serious about it.

Troopers used the comment to file Red Flag paper work in Rensselaer County. “State Police filed the Extreme Risk Protection Order because during the course of the investigation, it was determined that Robert King could pose a threat to himself or others,” Trooper Aaron Hicks said in a statement. The paperwork was reviewed by state Supreme Court Judge Patrick J. McGrath.

Seized guns included antiques and family heirlooms.

2AWNY Sets up a Hotline to Review Red Flag Cases

2AWNY, a civil rights second Amendment Advocacy Group, has opened a hotline to review red flag gun confiscations in New York.

The hotline number is at (855)-277-1383. Individuals can also use 2AWNY’s Incident Report Web Portal to file a report:

2AWNY is dedicated to assisting in the organization, promotion, and funding of legal challenges to the unconstitutional New York State gun control regime.

Is it Time Yet to Push Back?

My question is….. is it time yet to protest Walmart?

Showing some push back would make national news. Imagine if gun owners across the country coordinated and had a protest at every Walmart in the country at the same day and time.

Crazy NY Assembly-Persons Want You to PROVE You Are NOT Crazy Before You Can Have a Gun

This is thanks to an August 28th article by Eric Wagner.

Assembly Bill A. 1589, introduced by Democratic Assemblyman Thomas Abinati and co-sponsored by Taylor, D’Urzo, Ortiz, Vanel, Jaffee, Paulin, Benedetto, Seawright, Arroyo, and Cook, will require you to take and pass a mental health evaluation, approved by the NYS mental health commissioner, as PROOF you are not crazy, prior to obtaining a gun, even if the gun is given to you through inheritance or as a gift from immediate family. There are no exceptions. It leaves it up to the commissioner of mental health, an unelected regulator, to come up with a evaluation for you to follow to PROVE you can have a gun. The people of New York will have no say in the plan because it will be made up by an agency and not by voted for by the public.

You can look forward to such future distortions of this planned law as, ….anyone who is (insert here…a republican, raises their voice when they are called Fredo, in a militia, a member of the NRA, etc.) must be unstable and not be able to have a gun.

This bill appears to be a virtue signalling pander put forth by left wing democrats who want to look like they are doing something. It’s even a little crazy that this bill was submitted.

How about if you don’t have a criminal record and you are not adjudicated mentally defective, it’s your 2nd amendment right to own a gun to protect yourself and your family!

Mailbox Full!

Lately every time I try to contact Chuck Schumer by phone or by email, I get a message his mailbox is full. This has been going on for months. What a lousy representative.

Actually, I did hear from him when I contacted him about a year ago. I got a form reply letter dated about 6 months after I contacted him.

P.S. Mitch McConnell’s office picked up the phone right away when I called right after calling Schumer. Among other things, I told them to give Schumer a hard time for not being available.

Albany Criminal Arrested and Released 3x This Year on Illegal Gun Charges, Gets Arrested Again

This is what is wrong with the system. Who let him go three times, DA Soares? Do you think this will be referred to the federal court system so he can go away for a federal crime? Of course this criminal gets logged into the gun violence archive ( as a victim of gun violence, thus misleading the public into thinking this was a crime that happened to a law-abiding citizen.

Schumer Wants to Limit Sales of Body Armor to Civilians

Sen. Chuck Schumer on Sunday proposed new legislation to require the FBI to sign off on body armor sales to civilians.

In New York it’s a felony punishable by up to four years if the culprit is wearing a bulletproof vest while carrying a firearm or committing a violent crime.

Schumer said he’ll submit the new proposed law when congress reconvenes in September.

Please call or email him and tell him not to regulate another way to protect yourself!