Contact your legislators about Senate Bill S2844 and Assembly Bill A930

New York State Senate S2844 and New York State Assembly Bill A930 would direct the New York State Police to become the point of contact for all firearms background checks in New York State. A division of the New York State Police, created by this legislation, would replace the federal NICS background check system.

The NICS background check system provides a number of safeguards to prevent data collected from becoming a firearms registry database. The NICS background check system charges no fees to the dealer to use the system. The system created by these bills will charge a fee for all background checks. The data collected by New York’s proposed system would not provide the same safeguards. The legislation also directs the new New York State Police Division to prepare the system for ammunition background checks, should that become activated.

Please contact your New York State Assembly person and New York State Senator to object to the this legislation and to ask their support in defeating the proposed law.