Wyoming County Board of Supervisors Postpones Vote on Amending Carrying Weapons in County Buildings. SCOPE was There.

From the July 14, 2017 Arcade Herald….

Residents, officials and special interest groups filled the chambers of the Wyoming County Board of Supervisors at its Tuesday, July 11 meeting to be heard on a proposed amendment to a weapons ban

The local law banning weapons from county buildings has been in effect since 1994. The proposed amendment excludes police officers, peace officers and those “licensed by New York State Penal Law 400(2)(f) to have and carry a concealed weapon.” Wyoming County residents, members of the Shooters Committee on Political Education and representatives of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence were all present to voice their opinions on the amendment……

More information is here: http://www.mywnynews.com/arcade_warsaw/news/latest_news/article_21119a98-66ff-11e7-995d-eb67804b6762.html

The vote was postponed until September but the record is being kept open to allow further comments on the topic, in case you want to comment. (http://www.wyomingco.net/Board/Main.html)