2nd Request for Help for a Member

Hello Friends,

A local man who is a friend of mine could use your help.  His name is Fred Phelps and he has been battling a pre SAFE Act second amendment case for several years and is trying to go to the U.S. Supreme Court over it.  He can’t afford the filing fee cost and his attorney put together a go-fund-me page to gather funds to pursue the lawsuit.


Fred has been added to the NICs database after a temporary admission to a mental institution, where he was evaluated and released as as not being adjudicated mentally ill.  He has no criminal record.  He wants to retire and enjoy the rest of his life hunting and fishing but is not allowed to purchase a rifle.

I talked to Fred personally and I also talked to his attorney and they are both decent people.  If you can spare some money, please help support Fred and his lawsuit so he can go hunting.