A Generic Letter Some Members are Sending to Field & Stream

Here is a generic letter some members are sending to Field & Stream via the web site survey (https://dcsg.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0lbxtecnOsIRRAN)

I am a gun owner and outdoorsman. I have shopped at Dick’s and Field & Stream many times in the past.

When Dick’s announced the company would no longer sell rifles and shotguns to anyone less than 21 years old, this made me concerned that corporate had been swayed by a minority public opinion.

When Dick’s announced the company would no longer sell certain types of rifles and shotguns, pull these items from existing stock not to sell, and would destroy these instead of returning these firearms to the manufacturers, this upset me even more.

When I read Dick’s corporate had hired a known anti-gun lobbyist law firm in Washington D.C., that was the final move I would not tolerate as a customer of Dick’s.

It is ironic that a company that still sells a limited inventory of firearms hires a anti-gun lobbyist!!

Since that last Dick’s decision, I will never shop in any Dick’s or Field and Stream store again! I will recommend to my friends, on social media, and the organizations I belong to, not to shop at either store!

I will instead do my shopping at local businesses and FFL dealers for all my needs and wants. They are more than willing to talk and socialize, deal, and sell me what I would have bought at Dick’s and Field and Stream at a better price.