A Partial Peak Inside Gun Control Groups. Can Gun Rights Groups Learn A Lesson From This?

From the Ammoland web site.  (read the article here)

Ammoland is a great web site.  This article was posted on 9/2/17 and has the NRA logo next to it, so I assume it is from the NRA: “Disaffected Gun Control Activist Exposes Bloomberg’s ‘Top-down Bureaucracy’” 

To summarize, I cut and paste some of the points of the article here…..

A disaffected gun control supporter explains in a post titled, “As a Gun Violence Survivor, I Feel Betrayed by Everytown,” former Everytown and Moms Demand Action member Kate Ranta shed some much-needed light on Bloomberg’s bureaucratic operation. Despite Everytown portraying itself as a grassroots movement, Ranta explained that this representation is a façade, writing,

“For too long, gun control groups like Everytown have implemented top-down organizational models that treat gun violence prevention advocates like servants and gun violence survivors like fundraising fodder, giving us little or no say in our own advocacy. That must end now.”

Ranta goes on to explain that Everytown’s interactions with the media are highly orchestrated. Many gun control groups have relied on carefully manufactured messaging. However, in the case of Everytown, even the personal stories of those who have experienced violence are allegedly perverted in order to advance the group’s agenda. Ranta noted,

Over the years, however, I began to see signs that suggested I was not as empowered as I thought. For example, I was once coached to avoid authenticity in telling my personal story in order to “stay on message.” I also saw that survivors who were in the national media got preferential treatment over survivors who were unknown to the public.

On Thursday, I resigned as an Everytown Survivor Fellow after being blocked by the Survivor Network Facebook page for voicing my concerns about the Fraternal Order of Police sponsorship. My conclusion is that dissenting voices have no place in these organizations. You toe the line or you’re out.

Ranta concluded her piece by describing Everytown as a “top-down bureaucracy.”

Ranta’s piece marks the second time this year that reports of internal turmoil have wracked Bloomberg’s gun control apparatus. In May, the Daily Caller reported that several prominent Everytown staff had left or been fired following the 2016 election.

Lessons learned for Gun Rights Groups…..always treat people fairly and respect your grassroots supporters, even when you don’t agree with them, otherwise turmoil may follow.