A Rensselaer County Man Was Charged Under the Red Flag Law for a Flippant Remark in a Court Parking Lot About How it Would be easier to Kill Himself than to Deal with New York State Laws. All His Guns Were Seized Under the Red Flag Law.

A Rensselaer County man, working in New Lebanon, fired an unregistered H & K 9mm handgun across a field in the vicinity of a parked pickup truck. State Police stated the man fired at the pickup truck, however, it has not been verified that the man intentionally fired at the truck. The bullet went through the truck body and landed in the bed of the truck.

The truck owner contacted the police when he discovered a bullet hole in his truck. State police investigators identified the shooter and he was arrested for felony criminal possession of a weapon and two misdemeanors — reckless endangerment and criminal mischief.

After the man was arraigned at Court, his spouse says he made a flippant comment in the parking lot about how it would be easier to kill himself than deal with New York State laws. She says the comment was taken out of context, and he wasn’t remotely serious about it.

Troopers used the comment to file Red Flag paper work in Rensselaer County. “State Police filed the Extreme Risk Protection Order because during the course of the investigation, it was determined that Robert King could pose a threat to himself or others,” Trooper Aaron Hicks said in a statement. The paperwork was reviewed by state Supreme Court Judge Patrick J. McGrath.

Seized guns included antiques and family heirlooms.