Are You One of the Four Percenters? It’s a New Group You Should Know About.

Are you one of the four percenters? If you are, chances you don’t want to be, and no one told you that your are one, and you may never find out.   Shush,  IT’S A SECRET……

Since the passing of the (un)Safe Act in 2013,  NY state is abusing its position to report people as “involuntary committed” to databases such as NICS, when no such commitment has taken place.  In addition, the NYS Police maintain a second, secret database on New Yorkers under Mental Hygiene Law §9.46.  It is estimated that more than 200,000 reports have been made into that database, or, a total of more than 700,000 records between the two tracks of reporting. This would mean that 3.7% or 1 out of 27 New Yorkers are housed in the NYS Police database under “mental health” allegations.

Don’t worry, if you were wrongly placed on the list, you can get off it.  First you have to find out you are on the list, then hire an attorney, pay thousands of dollars, wait a long time, hope all your guns won’t be confiscated, and you won’t get reimbursed by the State for their mistake when the court finds in your favor.  This is outrageous and has to stop.  Tell a friend about this.  Maybe the Civil Right Restoration Act can fix this.