ASK before any playdate “Do you keep any guns in the house”

Commentary.  Stick with me here.

The anti gunners have been pushing lately to “ask” the parents where your children go to play “Do you keep any guns in the house”.  They also say to ask what type,  are they secured properly, and what level of safety training do you possess?”  Even Dear Abbey is in on it.

I really don’t think the anti gunners go far enough, after all it is for the safety of the children.  You should also ask, what type of drugs are in the house?  Are all your prescription pill vials equipped with a lock instead of a safety cap, and do you store and lock them all up separately in a safe.  Can I look in your medicine cabinet? What about the illegal drugs you may have, what kind do you have, where is your stash and are they locked up too?  What experience or training to you have with taking drugs?  Do tell.  Don’t mind my asking, it’s for the safety of the children.

There’s more, you should also ask if there is any porn in the house, what type do you keep here: books, magazines, videos, toys, fetish materials? Are they all locked up separately,  and what level of experience or training do you have with them.  Come on now.  It’s for the safety of the children so I’m entitled to ask.

Those “none of your business” questions really worked and I’m glad I asked.  Now the children are safe.

In reality, just say, hey is your house childproof, my kid gets into stuff, bigly. Double check for me.  Thanks.