Every 2nd Matters – A 2nd Amendment Awareness Movement

Every 2nd Matters is a group of individuals that meet online once a month to discuss what they have done to promote awareness of the 2nd amendment with the general pubic, usually on a one-to-one basis, by talking with people casually.  There is no leadership, no dues, and anyone with a firearm is already a member.  It is a coalition of like minded individual gun owners who use the 2nd day of the month to promote gun rights awareness in their own way.   Some members open carry (where permitted), some wear an every 2nd matters t-shirt, some just start conversations, and some members open carry an empty holster to elicit conversation.

One thing I don’t like, as yet, is that they want you to sign up and create an account on their web site.   You can find their web site at:  every2ndmatters.com

If you just want to listen to their YouTube hangout podcast while you work, the link is here:  Youtube hangouts podcast: https://youtu.be/VlPFeshmGlo

Yankee Marshall’s explanation of the group:  https://youtu.be/TC8sw-E0nkw