Help needed to send letters to the FBI

NY State is sending misleading information to Federal background check databases

Attorney Paloma A. Capanna is asking for help in a letter writing campaign called “S.O.S FBI”.   Please read Capanna’s letter, it details the abuse of the NICS system gun owner’s and law enforcement rely on to transfer firearms legally.

Attorney Paloma A. Capanna’s FBI Letter

In the letter, Capanna demonstrates how NY state is abusing its position to report people as “involuntary committed” to databases such as NICS, when no such commitment has taken place. These entries recently went from 0 to 463,000.

The attorney is asking New Yorker’s to help her make the FBI aware that the database is incorrect and that New York state is ignoring requests to correct the erroneous information. One can help by adding a letter or phone call of your own to her efforts.