In Case You Didn’t Know, Levi Strauss has gone totally Woke and Anti-Gun, Giving Money to Anti-Gun Groups in New York

Levi’s jeans used to be an icon of America, signifying freedom and the American culture to the world. When I was younger I heard stories about people in Soviet block countries buying used Levi’s off of American visitors. American visitors would put lots of Levi’s into their luggage and when visiting the Soviet Union, they would get $100 a pair selling to the Soviet citizens when Levi’s were selling for $30 a pair in the USA. No more.

Levi’s is just another brand of jeans struggling to keep market share. I read that Levi’s jeans are all manufactured outside the USA, except for a very small amount that are part of a few high end lines.

Now New Yorker’s Against Gun Violence (NYAGV) is bragging that Levi Strauss just gave significant funding to their Youth Over Guns Anger to Advocacy Activist Incubator program, which indoctrinates youth to be anti-gun. On May 7th, Youth Over Guns are hosting a remote town hall for youth interested in how gun violence intersects with issues like systemic racism, policing and public health partially supported by Levi’s. Think about that next time you put your pants on.