Michigan couples sue state to protect gun rights of foster, adoptive parents

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Summarized from the 7/18 Guns.com web site:

According to court documents, the Johnsons were asked by officials to be foster parents to their grandchild, but when the grandfather, concealed pistol license holder, arrived to pick up the youth from the Michigan Health and Human Services’ custody, caseworkers searched him and said he had to provide the serial numbers to all his firearms.  When he questioned caseworkers about the legality of the policy, Johnson was told “if you want to care for your grandson you will have to give up some of your constitutional rights”  (more of the story here)

Comment: they need a list of the serial numbers of all his firearms? The MHHS contact information is here in case you want to call or mail them…..  http://www.michigan.gov/mdhhs/0,5885,7-339–352302–,00.html