Mount Vernon’s New “no guns” policy

Mont Vernon changed it’s policy to not allow concealed carry holders to enter Mount Vernon when it previously did.  You can do something, read below and see a sample letter to complain.

From the web site:

From Virginia Citizens Defense League:  Mount Vernon “no guns” policy

Member Ron Klein called the Mount Vernon main number – 703-780-2000 – and asked to speak to a manager or director about their new “no guns” policy. He pointed out that such a policy would only affect law-abiding citizens, while criminals will ignore the sign. George Washington is no doubt rolling in his grave over such a restriction!

Here is a page on their prohibitions:

There is a page showing their senior staff names and email addresses at:

I suggest both emailing them and calling, too.

Example letter already sent by a member of CDSCOPE:

Hi. Thank you for doing a great job maintaining and running Mount Vernon. You truly deserve to be recognized for such commendable work and I thank you for it. I do have one problem that sincerely bothers me that I hope you can contemplate and fix. I read with dismay recently in a web site article that you recently changed your policy regarding letting concealed handgun carry holders carry their concealed handguns on site. There are nearly 17 million concealed carry holders in this nation and your policy is bigoted against them. Each concealed carry holder undergoes a background check to purchase a firearm, you couldn’t ask for a more law abiding and trustworthy patron. Concealed carry holders just want to be prepared in case of an emergency. It is the same reason you would have a fire extinguisher in your house, you assume a fire is never going to happen to you, but just in case you want to have a fire extinguisher around to be prepared. The right to keep and bear arms was decided to be an individual right, a civil right, by the supreme court in the Heller case and your policy is denying concealed carriers their constitutional right to protect themselves. This new policy of denying entrance to concealed carry holders exercising their constitutional right, if you think about it deeply, is just as bigoted as a storeowner denying entrance to someone due to the color of their skin, even after the supreme court ruled it was unconstitutional to do so because it was a civil right. I’m sure you would be very angry if someone denied entry to a place today based on their skin color, and these two issues have equivalence. The argument of the safety issue is moot because concealed carriers are safer than the general public and safer than police officers too.

Thank-you for taking the time to read this and I urge you further debate on this issue among your board and to reverse your policy immediately…..because you can. Please forward to all the members of the board and senior staff.