New York: Senate Committee Removes Hearing Protection Bill from Agenda

From the June 7th NRAILA web site:

On Wednesday, June 7, the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee was scheduled to hold a hearing on S.1209A by Sen. Robert Ortt. However, the bill was abruptly removed from the agenda. This important Second Amendment legislation would “remove the prohibition on firearm silencers.” Contrary to inaccurate Hollywood portrayals, “silencers,” or suppressors, do not silence firearms. Rather, suppressors simply reduce decibel levels to thresholds which are not as damaging to hearing. S.1209A would also permit suppressors to be used for hunting.

Suppressors provide numerous benefits to the hunters and sportsmen who choose to use them. Most importantly, suppressors can decrease muzzle report to hearing-safe levels and reduce shooters’ risk of hearing damage, which can occur when discharging a firearm without proper hearing protection. Additionally, suppressors help increase accuracy by reducing felt recoil and shot “flinch.” Beginners to shooting sports adhere to a quicker learning curve on average because the muffled sound equates to increased focus and concentration on proper shooting mechanics. Furthermore, suppressors help reduce noise complaints from neighbors, which are frequently used as an excuse to close hunting lands throughout the country. Suppressors are currently legal in 42 states upon completion of a rigorous federal background check.

Please continue to contact members of the State Senate Environmental Conservation Committee and respectfully request that they place S.1029A back on the agenda and pass the bill.