NY program that gives venison donated by deer hunters to needy losing money

By David Figuradfigura@nyup.com
NYup.com  (entire article here)

Excerpt:  New York’s Venison Donation Coalition program, which supplies venison donated by the state’s deer hunters to regional food banks and local food pantries, is losing money.

The bottom line, is the program, which last year supplied more than 66,000 pounds of donated venison to food pantries across the state is struggling. For the past two years, the program has run several thousand dollars in the red and this year undoubtedly will be no different.

This program makes hunters look good. The venison they don’t keep for themselves goes to those in need. They’re helping their neighbors out.  The Coalition is reaching out. We could use some help. We don’t want to see this go away. We need your donations to continue making this happen.

Donations can be made at any local sportsmen licensing-issuing location or sent directly to the program at Venison Donation Coalition Inc., 3 Pulteney Square, Bath, N.Y. 14810.