Poll Results – Should SCOPE Support the Civil Rights Restoration Act?

The Capital District chapter of SCOPE polled it’s members to find out their opinion if SCOPE as a whole should support the Civil Rights Restoration Act, an act sponsored by another gun rights organization.

Poll Results……….Of about 120 members polled, we got about a 20% return, with 22 members for it and 1 member against. ¬†95% of members who returned the poll would like SCOPE to support the Civil Rights Restoration Act in some way. ¬†Comments included…I will support it with word, deed, and my pocketbook….to….no, we should use our resources on something else.

I urge other chapters to poll members to see where they stand on the issue. The extent of support wasn’t discussed in the poll, but can range from support in words, to support in money, to calling for member support in calling/writing representatives about it.