Capital District SCOPE wants you to vote in the special elections today.  Here are candidate ratings, based our members review of the candidates support of the second amendment .  Make your own choice.

For Assembly District 107 (Rensselaer and parts of Columbia County):

Jake Ashby:  Rated A     Veteran, opposes the SAFE Act, strongly supports second amendment rights, thinks school districts should make their own decisions on arming teachers

Cindy Doran:  Rated F     Said she supports the SAFE Act and will act to ban weapons, making gun control an important election issue


For Assembly District 102 (Parts of Albany, Columbia and Greene County):

Christopher Tague:  Rated B      Thinks bump stocks should be outlawed,  has not said much else on the second amendment

Aidan O’Connor Jr:    Rated D   Says he is a gun owner, hasn’t pushed gun control in his campaign, does not like how SAFE Act was passed, thinks guns should be registered, believes magazine limit of 10 rounds is good for NY

Wes Laraway, Independent Party:  Rated  D     Says he believes in the second amendment, thinks the SAFE Act needs major reforms, wants 21 year age requirement for all gun purchases, believes in medical detectors at schools, believes armed sheriff deputies should be at our schools, thinks arming teachers is a horrible idea