You may want to wait before re-certify

Although county clerks already have the responsibility to maintain pistol/revolver license records, in January 2017 the New York State Police began sending letters to handgun license holders with directions for submitting the license recertification form that is now required under the UnSAFE Act.  For licenses issued before January 15, 2013, the legal deadline to submit the recertification form to the NY State Police is by or before January 31, 2018.

Capital District SCOPE encourages you NOT to submit the form this year (2017) and NOT to submit the information electronically.  Wait until January 2018 to submit the paper form by mail.  Make a copy to keep, and use certified mail return receipt so that you have proof of your mailing and receipt by the New York State Police.

Why not use the electronic form on the State Police website?

• Submitting the form electronically on the State Police website is an option that helps them to effortlessly compile the “pristine” database that is their goal to create.  Since Governor Cuomo and the legislature did not have the people’s best interest at heart when the UnSAFE Act was rammed through and passed in 2013, they do not deserve our clerical assistance in this matter.

Why wait until January 2018?

• Much can happen in the 2017 legislative session and throughout the entire year that could affect this law in one way or another… Time will tell.

• The arrival of hundreds of thousands of forms all at once will overwhelm the office and send a message of coordinated resistance.

• Wait to learn what responses are received by those who respond early.

If, when, and how you submit the form are decisions that each handgun owner has to make.  For those considering noncompliance, understand this may result in the loss of all your firearms and possibly a year in jail.  Many methods of challenging this unjust and unconstitutional law are being considered.  We encourage you to become actively involved in effective Second Amendment organizations to support this effort.

– Capital District SCOPE Board of Directors