A NY (un)SAFE Act Compliant Gun Was Used in a Shooting in a NYC “gun free zone” Hospital

Update 7/5/17: The shooter had three 10 round magazines on him but only used one of the three. (NY Times)

Update 7/3/17: The rifle used in the shooting was illegal in NYC and was purchased upstate in Schenectady 8 days before the shooting (NY Daily News).

CNN reported the firearm as an “assault rifle”, here is a reported picture clearly showing it as a NYS (un)SAFE Act compliant rifle.  It should be noted that without the “evil features” it does not meet the NYS politician derived definition of an assault rifle.


What does this mean?  The’re coming!  The downstate democrat gun haters are going to say they haven’t done enough with the SAFE act and it’s time to ban the sale of all semi-auto rifles or all AR-15 style weapons (like in Massachusetts) and register the rest, with no permission to transfer.  Put on your big boy and big girl pants and be prepared to fight this when it comes.