Suicide is not gun violence

Many anti-gun gun groups lump homicides and suicides together as “gun violence”, as well as including accidental discharges, self defense shootings and shootings by police officers.  They use the statistic that there are 30,000 deaths from gun violence per year.  Yet about 20,000 of those deaths are suicides.

Yes suicide by gun is a violent act for sure, but but it is not “gun violence”.  If we talk about suicide by gun as gun violence, we also need to talk about hanging (rope) violence, wrist slitting (knife) violence, pill violence, bridge jumping violence, drowning (water) violence, and even auto-erotic asphyxiation violence.

Also, the guns aren’t violent, the people who use them to commit homicides are.

If it looks like there is no way out for you, except to end it all, talk to someone.   Hold on, you’re only human, your second wind is coming. (Billy Joel)

National suicide Prevention Line:  1-800-273-8255   24 hours / 7 days

Somebody Local to Talk To:   ALBANY Capital District Psychiatric Center Crisis Unit / Hotline  (518) 447-9650 24 hours / 7 days