Another Reason To Boycott Levi Strauss & Co., for Their Financial Support of New Yorker’s Against Gun Violence, and Paying to Train Youths to Take Our 2nd Amendment Rights Away.

NYAGV announced they are launching Anger to Advocacy, a new peer-led Youth Over Guns program that will mobilize youth of color to speak out for holistic solutions to our nation’s gun violence epidemic. “This grant will allow us to train aspiring youth activists and empower Black and Brown youth who bear the brunt of structural inequities to be the agents of change needed to take on the dual threat of gun violence and COVID-19. “… “Gun violence is a pandemic in America with no end in sight. We are proud to be working with these grantees and look forward to lifting up their work.”

So Levis is paying to train youth to take your 2nd amendment rights away from you and become the anti-gun zealots of the future. Don’t give Levi’s any of your money. I’m asking gun rights groups to start and expand existing youth programs to expose youth to the reason, purpose and practicality of the Second Amendment! Some SCOPE chapters support school shooting sports groups in their counties. The NRA supports youth shooting leagues too. I know of at least one shooting club that does as well. We need more! Tell me (or post) what you and your groups are doing.