Capital District Pro Gun Democrats – Vote in the Primary June 23

From Gun Politics New York: There are limited opportunities for 2A advocates to impact races in New York. Decades of gerrymandering districts along with the power of incumbency make it very difficult to influence the outcome of elections, especially for Democrats. These are the races where I believe 2A advocates have a chance to play an important role. Voter turnout in the primaries is always low, especially in the City. Knocking out an antigun incumbent is more likely in these districts where a number of factors come into play including having a well-funded opponent, party disapproval and/or voter displeasure makes them vulnerable. Whether or not the challenger is pro-gun is irrelevant. Incumbents who voted for the SAFE Act, “Red Flag”, etc. must know they will pay a price for supporting gun control at election time.
On June 23, Vote Early and Often.

Assembly District 108 (Troy, Waterford, Cohoes, Watervliet, Green Island Albany, Rensselaer), Vote AGAINST incumbent John McDonald (D)

Albany County District Attorney, Vote AGAINST incumbent David Soares (D)