Bills and Sponsors That Need Your Support Now

OUR CIVIL RIGHTS are at risk & are being systemically reduced. If we do not stop that, they will all be removed.  Finding ourselves with all our civil rights gone, can occur in a very short time period. We each need to do something specific to stop what we all can see happening.

Many just sit back and watch!

Just like each $10 donation adds up to a lot of help for Harvey victims, we need each ”one vote” from all gun owners to add up to a strong support for our CIVIL RIGHTS.

Right now, we have something that each person can do that is fairly simple-but together it should make a large impact on our objectives. 

 Federal Congressmen, State Assemblymen & State Senators in YOUR district will not co-sign onto a bill unless they know that the people in their districts want that bill to be passed.


We need at this time to have support for the following “4” Bills

1/FEDERAL-HR38 (Concealed Carry Reciprocity)

Sponsor Richard Hudson, North Carolina

2/FEDERAL-HR3576 (SAGA- Second Amendment Guarantee Act)

Sponsor Chris Collins, Western New York

     Federal Law would supersede State laws on matters regarding the

Second Amendment.

3/NEW YORK STATE A6805 (Civil Rights Restoration Act)

Sponsor Pete Lopez, New York


       This Bill protects: “due process of law” for NY residents.

Patient privacy

Expands definition of “Immediate Family” for firearm transfers

                          Includes fingerprints as I.D. (helps Amish)

This would stop a background check for ammunition purchases once the

Division of State Police database becomes certified

4/ NEW YORK STATE S6419 same as A6805

Sponsor George Amedore N.Y.

      This is the time for all New York residents to stand up & be counted!

Contact your family, friends, face book friends to have them do the same in their election area.  Pass along this email, this letter & change what is happening before it is too late.

Please Note:  There are almost 4 million gun owners in New York, Cuomo got 2.1 million votes in 2014, and how was he reelected?

Make yourself count and vote him the hell out!