Senator Gillibrand Talks About Turning Into a Gun Grabber

From an article by Karen Townsend of (more here)

In case you had any doubts ,  Senator Gillibrand is a definite gun grabber.  This is from the September 8, 2017, episode of Netflix’s Chelsea (Handler – another gun grabber) show titled “Comfortably Naked,” (copied from

Sen. Gillibrand: As a House member, the only lens I really saw guns through was the Second Amendment, that people loved going hunting. It was a very hunting culture. And I have to tell you, when I was appointed to the Senate, I had to learn really fast, and I went to Brooklyn, I met with a family. I can tell you how horrible it is to meet with a mother and a father who lost their daughter when a stray bullet ends her life when she’s just hanging out with her friends. And when you hear these stories, they are so horrific and you can imagine in your own mind what it would be like for your child to be taken from you by gun violence. And I just said, “I’m gonna do whatever I can to make sure your daughter’s life was not in vain and that, in fact, because of her death, we are gonna fight hard to make sure it doesn’t happen to some other child in our communities throughout our state.

…..the gun lobby is literally run by the gun manufacturers. It’s not by hunters. It’s not about hunting. It’s about gun manufacturers who literally are now lobbying to make sure suppressors – gun silencers — can be readily available. There’s restrictions on that. You can’t just go to a store and buy one. You have to be certified do paperwork all this kind of stuff.

She’s been converted into a mini Chuck Schumer now.