H.R. 38 – Reciprocity Update

There was great news coming out of the House Judiciary Committee today! By a 19-11 vote, the Constitutional Carry-friendly reciprocity legislation was voted out of the House committee and is now on its way to passage by the full House. The legislation would allow anyone with a pistol permit to carry in any state in the country.

Next it goes to the House floor for debate, possible amendments, and a full vote. Then the Senate votes on their version.

Now is the time for us all to put the heavy pressure on our representatives. The Capital District SCOPE Chapter is represented by: Tonko (D) in District 20 (Albany, Schenectady, part Rensselaer, part Saratoga) and Faso (R) in District 19 (Greene, Columbia, part Rensselaer).

Tonko does not support the bill and does not support us gun owners. We need to be a constant (but polite) pain in his ass. All gun owners in his district need to contact him repeatedly until the vote and tell him he is not representing us and he needs to change his mind and support HR 38. We need to be able to protect ourselves and our families when traveling, without worrying about going to prison. Call Faso too, he is worried about his next election and he has liberal protestors outside his office all the time. Tell him to support HR 38 and he will have your support in the next election.

Contacting is easy to do, call the congressional switchboard at 866-338-1015 any time, you will be connected to his office and you can leave a message. If this is important to you, you can call daily if you want, to get the point across how important this is.

Call the congressional switchboard at 866-338-1015 any time, it’s easy. Even if you don’t have a pistol permit, you might get one someday, or someone with a pistol might save your butt someday.

Capital District SCOPE