HR 38 Reciprocity Update #2 – A Sneaky Change Occurred

There is a dirty trick that happened to HR 38.  It was secretly amended to include the Fix NICs (HR 4477) legislation into it.   It goes to the House Rules Committee Tuesday (12/5) before the final floor vote.  The only way to get it amended to remove the Fix NICs text is to ask your representative to amend it to remove all the HR 4477 text.  Here is what I wrote:

Representative Tonko,
HR 38 was amended to include text from HR 4477 into it.  It is scheduled to go to the rules committee and get a House vote on Tuesday. HR 4477 text was added to HR 38 in a non transparent and sneaky fashion with no discussion. I want you to please amend HR 38 to remove all the text from HR 4477.

Please call or email your representative.  We want a clean vote on HR 38, not the one that was amended to include HR 4477.